Resolving commercial building disputes

The process of building a new commercial property or making substantial changes to a property is a big decision to make. Throughout a building project, disputes can often arise between individuals, businesses, contractors, sub-contractors, building firms and other professionals, such as planning consultants, plumbers or electricians.

Types of commercial building disputes

Disputes regarding commercial building projects can be long, costly and complex, and can often arise in relation to:

  • Mistakes in building contracts
  • Arguments in respect of how work has been carried out, pursuant to the agreed-upon contract
  • Negligent work undertaken by contractors or individual professionals
  • Construction, engineering or planning negligence
  • Disagreements in relation to costs and payments, including payment notices, payless notices and withheld payments due to contractors or individual professionals
  • Poor work carried out, or materials used, by contractors or individual professionals

If a building dispute cannot be resolved in an amicable manner, it is advisable for the parties to seek specialist legal advice.

How our solicitors can assist with building disputes

While most building projects have proper contracts, plans and specifications in place, these unfortunately never guarantee a dispute free process. The key to resolving issues without compromising the project’s future is the incisive interpretation and application of contractual terms.

When disputes do arise, our team of expert solicitors can provide clear, bespoke legal advice regarding the points of contention in relation to the building project with the aim of coming to an amicable agreement to the dispute.

Our team can assist businesses concerning disputes with contractors and sub-contractors, ensuring that a contractor fulfils their obligations as stated in the agreed contract and can also assist with instructing surveyors who can provide an assessment of the commercial building project. Alternatively, we can support contractors and sub-contractors where a business is withholding payments for work carried out.

Our approach

Our solicitors assess the rights and wrongs and the scale of what has happened in relation to a commercial building project. Always with regard to the contracts that are in place and the relationships involved, we help to resolve disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

If building disputes cannot be resolved in an amicable manner between parties, our solicitors look to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a way of bringing things to an end. With a wealth of experience in mediation, arbitration, as well as negotiation, our solicitors have helped resolve commercial building disputes of all types and sizes without going through the Courts system.

Alternatively, building disputes can be resolved by a different form of ADR, which is adjudication, which provides a quicker and more cost-effective option than resolution through arbitration, mediation or via the Courts.

However, if the Courts are needed, we can provide representation throughout the proceedings, with time, costs and the objectives of our client firmly in mind.

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