Resolving contract disputes for your business

The business world depends on spoken and written promises. When these contracts are broken, the fallout can create all sorts of commercial problems, costs and legal complications.

Commercial contracts are entered into every day, committing businesses to doing the things they say they’ll do. It’s often to deliver or receive a service or product or to settle a debt, but it might be something less tangible like agreeing not to disclose information.

When terms are breached, the law offers protection in the form of commercial contract claims. Businesses can be forced to fulfil their obligations under the contract or to remedy the breach by paying compensation to the other side, for instance.

When there’s a dispute about whether a term has been breached or not, or what that term was to begin with, things can get complicated. Businesses will need evidence to back up their claim or defence and they’ll need a thorough understanding of their risks, the law and the process.

That’s where our commercial disputes lawyers come in. They advise claimants and defendants on their best case and on the action they should take.

How we can help with commercial contract claims

Starting with the contract itself, our team analyses its terms, pinpointing the breach and putting it in its commercial context. Experienced in all types of commercial dispute, our lawyers assess the value of the claim and design strategies which pave the way to the best result for clients. Sometimes it will involve a courtroom but there are plenty of other options which will be explored first including:

  • negotiation
  • mediation, and
  • arbitration.

Without proper guidance and clear direction, commercial disputes can get out of hand. They can become protracted, acrimonious and expensive. Our lawyers make it their job to keep them under control.

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