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Lewis Addison
Lewis Addison Partner & Solicitor
Amir Ahmed
Amir Ahmed Associate & Solicitor
Burhan Alam
Burhan Alam Paralegal
Ruby Ashby
Ruby Ashby Senior Associate & Solicitor
Tim Atkinson
Tim Atkinson Digital Marketing Manager

Kimberley  Bage
Kimberley Bage Associate & Solicitor
Amrik  Basra
Amrik Basra Trainee Solicitor
Jade Belcher
Jade Belcher Associate & Solicitor
Ryan Belcher
Ryan Belcher Associate & Solicitor
Craig  Bennett
Craig Bennett Senior Associate & Solicitor
Rachel  Benton
Rachel Benton Associate & Solicitor
Rahul  Bhandari
Rahul Bhandari Trainee Solicitor
Kajal  Bhanji
Kajal Bhanji Trainee Solicitor
Amy Birkinshaw
Amy Birkinshaw Associate & Solicitor
Alexandra  Black
Alexandra Black Paraplanner
Naomi  Bond
Naomi Bond Senior Associate & Solicitor
Melanie Bridgen
Melanie Bridgen Partner & Solicitor
Hannah  Bridgwood
Hannah Bridgwood Senior Associate & Solicitor
Kimberley Brown
Kimberley Brown Marketing Executive
Hayley Brown
Hayley Brown Senior Associate & Solicitor
Daniel Brumpton
Daniel Brumpton Partner & Solicitor
Sarah Burns
Sarah Burns Senior Associate & Solicitor
Benjamin  Burton
Benjamin Burton Solicitor Apprentice
Jane  Burton
Jane Burton Legal Director & New Build Team Manager
Jamie  Burton
Jamie Burton Paralegal
Rachel  Bushell
Rachel Bushell Senior Associate & Conveyancer
Daniel  Butler
Daniel Butler Trainee Solicitor

Charlotte Cadman
Charlotte Cadman Trainee Solicitor
Alex  Canham
Alex Canham Trainee Solicitor
Suzanne Castledine-Casey
Suzanne Castledine-Casey Associate & Independent Financial Adviser
Sam Cawley
Sam Cawley Investment Director & Chartered Financial Planner
Chris Chan
Chris Chan Partner & Solicitor
Davina Charlton
Davina Charlton Senior Associate & Solicitor
Nishi Chavda
Nishi Chavda Associate & Licensed Conveyancer
Julie Chislett
Julie Chislett Senior Litigation Assistant
Giacomo  Ciccognani
Giacomo Ciccognani Associate & Solicitor
Matthew  Clarke
Matthew Clarke Associate & Solicitor
Louise Clarke
Louise Clarke Paralegal
Ben Cocker Paralegal
Dianne Collins
Dianne Collins Legal Director & Solicitor
Joseph Collis
Joseph Collis Paralegal
James Coningsby
James Coningsby Partner & Solicitor
Suzi  Cotterill
Suzi Cotterill Conveyancer
Fiona Cox
Fiona Cox Associate & Conveyancer
Kieron Crowther
Kieron Crowther Partner & Solicitor

Emma Davies
Emma Davies Partner & Solicitor
Rebecca Dean
Rebecca Dean Trainee Solicitor
Olivia  Deeming
Olivia Deeming Administrator
Charlotte Dowdy
Charlotte Dowdy Associate & Solicitor
Riaz Dudhia
Riaz Dudhia Partner & Solicitor

Nadia Faki
Nadia Faki Partner & Solicitor
Claire Farmer
Claire Farmer Paralegal
Grace Fashanu
Grace Fashanu Trainee Solicitor
Abbie Fotheringham
Abbie Fotheringham Associate & Solicitor
Dan Freestone
Dan Freestone Paraplanner
Kate Frisby
Kate Frisby Associate & Solicitor
Helen Froggatt
Helen Froggatt Senior Associate & Solicitor

Zara Gasztowicz
Zara Gasztowicz Associate & Solicitor
Joanne Gibbs-Jones Credit Control Team Leader
Simon  Gill
Simon Gill Senior Associate & Solicitor
Shannon Gray Paralegal
Ian Green
Ian Green Consultant & Solicitor
Jack Green
Jack Green Associate & Independent Financial Adviser
Sarah Gregory
Sarah Gregory Senior Associate & Solicitor
Catherine Griffiths
Catherine Griffiths Senior Associate & Licensed Conveyancer

Julie  Hardy
Julie Hardy Partner & Solicitor
Lesley Harrison
Lesley Harrison Associate & Solicitor
Lindsey Harrison-Grimes
Lindsey Harrison-Grimes Partner & Director of People & Culture
Tim Hastings
Tim Hastings Chairman & Solicitor
Paula Haverkamp
Paula Haverkamp Senior Associate & Litigation Executive
Ceri Hayday
Ceri Hayday Paraplanner
Kirria Hearn Trainee Solicitor
Faye  Henderson
Faye Henderson Trainee Solicitor
Chloe Hickling
Chloe Hickling Trainee Solicitor
Paul Hinchliffe
Paul Hinchliffe Partner & Solicitor
Claire Hopewell
Claire Hopewell Credit Controller
Gemma Hopper
Gemma Hopper Legal Director & Solicitor
Emma Howard
Emma Howard Associate & Legal Executive
Chris Huntingford
Chris Huntingford Partner, Solicitor & Licensed Conveyancer
Russell Hurst
Russell Hurst Legal Director & Licensed Conveyancer
Shabana  Hussain
Shabana Hussain Associate & Solicitor

Martin Jinks
Martin Jinks Consultant, Solicitor & Notary Public
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Paraplanner

Shrdha Kapoor
Shrdha Kapoor Associate & Solicitor
Gurvir Kaur
Gurvir Kaur Paralegal
Laura Kearsley
Laura Kearsley Partner & Solicitor
Liam  Kennedy
Liam Kennedy Administrator
Simon Key
Simon Key Partner & Solicitor
Humairaa Khalifa Trainee Solicitor
Tanya Kirman
Tanya Kirman Associate & Legal Executive
Louise Knowles
Louise Knowles Administrator
Julia Kolomiiets
Julia Kolomiiets Associate & Solicitor
Liam  Kyne
Liam Kyne Trainee Solicitor

Emma Lewin
Emma Lewin Senior Associate & Solicitor
Bryony  Lewis
Bryony Lewis Paralegal
Serena  Louca
Serena Louca Trainee Solicitor
Bethany Lovatt
Bethany Lovatt HR Assistant

Hannah Manewell
Hannah Manewell Associate & Solicitor
Angela Maxfield
Angela Maxfield Associate & Solicitor
Rachel Maxwell
Rachel Maxwell Senior Associate & Solicitor
Kirsty  Mayfield
Kirsty Mayfield Legal Director & Solicitor
Catherine McCannah
Catherine McCannah Partner & Solicitor
Naomi  McFadden
Naomi McFadden Associate & Solicitor
Danni  McKee
Danni McKee Digital Marketing Executive
Claire McLeod
Claire McLeod Legal Director & Solicitor
Liz Mills
Liz Mills Senior Associate & Solicitor
Rachel Mills
Rachel Mills Legal Director & Solicitor
Shoaib  Mirza
Shoaib Mirza Associate & Conveyancer
Yasmine Mirza Paralegal
Rina Mistry
Rina Mistry Senior Associate & Solicitor
Kevin Modiri
Kevin Modiri Partner & Solicitor
Beryl Morgan
Beryl Morgan Consultant & Independent Financial Adviser

Muhammed  N’dow
Muhammed N’dow Trainee Solicitor
Keeley Nagra
Keeley Nagra Paralegal
George Neville
George Neville Senior Associate & Solicitor
Tom Newton
Tom Newton Associate & Solicitor
Peter  Nicholson
Peter Nicholson Partner & Solicitor
Sophie-Laura Noble
Sophie-Laura Noble Senior Marketing Executive

Matthew Olner
Matthew Olner Partner & Solicitor

Rik Pancholi
Rik Pancholi Partner & Solicitor
Stuart Parris
Stuart Parris Associate & Solicitor
Lisa Pelling
Lisa Pelling Senior HR Advisor
Lewis Pepper
Lewis Pepper Conveyancer
Charlotte  Pepperday
Charlotte Pepperday Senior Associate & Solicitor
Lisa Preece
Lisa Preece Partner & Solicitor
Gareth Protheroe
Gareth Protheroe Partner & Solicitor
Jayde  Pullar
Jayde Pullar Paralegal

Ziaur Rahman
Ziaur Rahman Legal Director & Solicitor
Ruby  Rai
Ruby Rai Senior Associate & Solicitor
Jessica  Rayns
Jessica Rayns Associate & Solicitor
Chelsea-Ann Read
Chelsea-Ann Read Apprentice Solicitor
Alice Rees
Alice Rees Partner & Solicitor
Nathan  Richardson
Nathan Richardson Investment Director & Chartered Financial Planner
Natasha Roberts
Natasha Roberts Senior Associate & Solicitor
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Senior Associate & Solicitor
Gayle Rowley
Gayle Rowley Partner, Solicitor & Mediator
Andy Rudkin
Andy Rudkin Partner & Solicitor
Jade Russell
Jade Russell Paralegal

Helen Salisbury
Helen Salisbury Partner & Solicitor
Karen Salt
Karen Salt Senior Associate & Solicitor
Polly  Sanders
Polly Sanders Paralegal
Pav Sanghera Credit Controller
Trevor Scott
Trevor Scott Partner & Licensed Conveyancer
Louise  Scott
Louise Scott Senior Associate & Solicitor
Lisa Shambrook
Lisa Shambrook Associate & Conveyancer
Georgina Sheppard
Georgina Sheppard Trainee Solicitor
Ash Simpson
Ash Simpson Associate & Licensed Conveyancer
Balraj Singh
Balraj Singh Paralegal
Rachel Slaney Paralegal
Adrian Slater
Adrian Slater Partner & Solicitor
Anna Smith
Anna Smith Partner & Director of Marketing & BD
Marija Smitkina
Marija Smitkina Conveyancer
Emma  Stamp
Emma Stamp Senior Associate & Solicitor
John Stanley
John Stanley Partner & Independent Financial Adviser
Elise-Marie Storer
Elise-Marie Storer Learning & Development Specialist
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan Partner & Solicitor
Jane Sutherland
Jane Sutherland Partner & Solicitor
Katy  Swinbourne
Katy Swinbourne Senior Associate & Solicitor

Ronny Tang
Ronny Tang Associate & Solicitor
Duncan Taylor
Duncan Taylor Partner & Solicitor
Phil Terry
Phil Terry Partner & Independent Financial Adviser
Zoe Till
Zoe Till Partner & Chartered Financial Planner
Amy  Tivey
Amy Tivey Associate & Solicitor
Emma Toes
Emma Toes Partner & Solicitor
Kirsty Tompkin
Kirsty Tompkin Partner & Director of Finance
Ian  Torr
Ian Torr Partner & Solicitor
Sainabou Touray
Sainabou Touray Trainee Solicitor
Sanche Tutter
Sanche Tutter Associate & Licensed Conveyancer

Heidi Van Rooyen
Heidi Van Rooyen Associate & Solicitor
Stewart Vandermark
Stewart Vandermark Chief Executive & Solicitor
Amanda Voakes
Amanda Voakes Partner & Solicitor

Wesley Walton
Wesley Walton Paralegal
Jeremy  Ward
Jeremy Ward Senior Associate & Solicitor
Simon Waterfield
Simon Waterfield Partner & Solicitor
Carolle White
Carolle White Legal Director & Chartered Legal Executive
Liam Wilkinson
Liam Wilkinson Legal Director & Solicitor
Bruce Williams
Bruce Williams Partner & Solicitor
Mark  Williams
Mark Williams Partner & Solicitor
Lucy Wilton
Lucy Wilton Partner & Solicitor
Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood Business Development Manager
Alexandra  Wood
Alexandra Wood Senior Associate & Solicitor
Rachael Wragby
Rachael Wragby Administrator

Danielle Young
Danielle Young Legal Director & Solicitor

Anika Zahid
Anika Zahid Associate & Solicitor
Emma Zukowska
Emma Zukowska Partner & Solicitor