Nelsons' support and referral network for law firms

Fusion Legal is Nelsons’ free, independent and mutually beneficial support and referrals network for law firms.

Our aim is to be your on-call partner, providing you with a range of benefits which will support you and your firm in a competitive and changing market.

Member firms introduce work to Nelsons that they choose not to do, without the risk of losing their client. As a member of Fusion Legal, your clients can access a full range of legal services.

Fusion Legal covers the following areas throughout the East Midlands:

  • Nottinghamshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Derbyshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Peterborough
  • Southern Lincolnshire
  • Warwickshire (Bedworth, Nuneaton & Market Bosworth)

By participating in Fusion Legal, your firm can benefit in the following ways:

  • You can offer the full range of legal services, so your clients won’t outgrow you
  • You can discuss cases and enquiries with our lawyers
  • Non-poaching agreement
  • Fee sharing arrangements
  • Free CPD seminars
  • Full training programme
  • Business consultancy support
  • Regulatory/compliance support
  • Bulletins and newsletters
  • Professional Indemnity benefits
  • Access to Nelsons’ Independent Financial Advisers for your clients
  • Fusion Legal Buying Group – access to preferential rates on outgoings such as office supplies, and technology and other exclusive deals

These are the basic principles of Fusion Legal but as membership continues to grow, services and offers will expand to all members.

We are totally committed to the referral scheme and believe it is a model of how law firms can work together in the future in an increasingly competitive market.

“It is reassuring to our Practice that we can recommend our clients with full confidence to colleagues who have specialisms and expertise that we lack and in the knowledge that the recommendation will not affect our client base due to the non-poaching systems that are in place.”
Julia Betts – Julia T Betts – Fusion Legal member

For more information, please contact Marie Walls on 0115 989 5230 or to discuss how membership of Fusion Legal can benefit your firm.

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