Services for landlords and commercial tenants

When a dispute between a landlord and tenant about a leasehold property crops up, it can be emotive, difficult and time-consuming. With the support of experienced solicitors, they needn’t be.

Landlord and tenant relationships can have both a residential and a commercial context. Some tenants live in their leased property, for others it’s their business premises. Either way, a tenant will want to exercise a degree of control over the way in which they use the property, the rent they pay and term of the lease.

Most landlord and tenant disputes come about because either the tenant or landlord has breached their obligations, or because their interests conflict. Perhaps rent is in arrears or the tenant has unlawfully sub-let part of the property. Or perhaps there is a disagreement about a service charge or the terms of a lease renewal.

Our landlord and tenant dispute solicitors

At Nelsons, our property dispute solicitors in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham are well-versed in all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship, regularly advising on:

  • Dilapidation
  • Lease renewal
  • Lease surrender
  • New leases
  • Tenant default
  • Squatter eviction

Our clients have varied backgrounds. Some are commercial landlords who own a portfolio of large-scale premises with multiple tenants. Others are the owners of residential properties. Our team also acts for commercial business tenants.

Whatever the situation, our solicitors see the full picture. They understand the challenges for landlords in dealing with difficult tenant matters and problematic contractual and property law issues. They also understand tenants’ point of view and the personal and commercial considerations that affect their tenancies.

Whether advising commercial or residential landlords or commercial tenants, our solicitors approach every actual and potential dispute in the firm belief that swift and certain resolution is key. Our team sees Court action as a last resort, always fully exploring the alternatives first.

Our fixed fee online services

We also offer innovative fixed fee services to provide choices according to what you can afford and how much support you would like. Our fixed fee services are delivered online, making them cheaper but still giving you the reassurance that they are checked by our solicitors before they are completed.

  • Possession due to Rent Arrears (pack)

    The Possession due to Rent Arrears pack comes with checked documents, and can be used if you are a landlord who needs to reclaim possession of a property from tenants who have failed to pay the rent and are in arrears. The pack can also be used to obtain an order for possession and judgment for the rent arrears.

    This online service contains all the Court forms and documents for the Court procedure that a landlord must use in order to start Court proceedings, obtain an order for possession (where the claim is not disputed by the tenants) and apply for the Court bailiff to remove the tenants from the property.

  • Possession Plus due to Rent Arrears (pack)

    This Possession due to Rent Arrears Plus pack comes with the same checked documents specified above but also includes telephone support from a specialist lawyer.

If you are experiencing a disagreement with your landlord or tenant, please contact our team of property dispute solicitors to discuss how we might be able to help you. Call us on 0800 024 1976 or contact us via our online enquiry form.

  • "Nelsons...has a well-established reputation in property litigation, as is reflected by its ability to consistently win new work from regional and national clients. Its practice has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of team head Simon Waterfield, whose sole specialism is in property disputes; there has been a notable increase in work from developers. Boundary and easement disputes are among the drivers of activity for the firm, which also sees a strong flow of commercial landlord and tenant matters, such as contentious lease renewals, forfeiture disputes and dilapidations cases. Traveller eviction cases are another notable area of activity."

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  • "Nelsons' approach is always commercial, and you are always left with the feeling that its team is giving you the right advice, rather than the advice that feathers its own nest."

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