Resolving commercial and business conflicts

Disputes are a fact of life in business. Whether it is a dispute between customers, competitors or within the company itself, Nelsons’ team of expert dispute resolution solicitors can provide business disputes advice and can help resolve the conflict.

Disputes can be acrimonious, engulfing and expensive, even leading to a company’s winding up. It diverts attention away from day-to-day operations and tests relationships and the organisation’s core strength.

Whatever the cause of the problem, the common theme is that each dispute has the potential to stifle a company, and to reflect badly on it both internally and externally.

Disputes can develop into significant problems unless they’re properly managed. The key is knowing how to handle them. That’s partly about stopping them escalating by diffusing situations, negotiating deals and exits and mediating arguments.

Business Disputes Advice from Nelsons

Our business disputes solicitors advise shareholders, directors and companies on their respective positions. They work with clients to resolve the problem at the earliest possible stage through negotiation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.

Court action is a last resort but, if a case gets there, our team puts forward the best possible case, never losing sight of the client’s objectives.

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