Expert advice on admission appeals for your school or academy

Our expert education solicitors can offer your school or academy advice and training on all admissions and appeal issues that may arise.

All appeals need to comply with the Admission Appeals Code, and awareness of the rules, Code and guidelines are essential. Training on this issue is mandatory for appeal panel members and clerks.

We can offer your school comprehensive advice on these vital issues, including:

  • The new appeal and admission arrangements
  • Roles, responsibilities and requirements under the new code
  • Timetable for appeals and required documentation
  • Admission numbers for schools
  • The new two stage test
  • Lawfulness of arrangements
  • Special Educational Needs and disability
  • The Equality Act and appeals

We also offer a variety of training courses on admissions and appeals, including:

  • The school adjudicator – when to refer?
  • Stage 1 – Prejudice and the efficient use of educational resources – how does an IAP decide?
  • Stage 2 – Individual reasons for wanting a particular school – a brand new test?
  • Infant class size appeals – changes and challenges
  • Multiple appeals – and the prejudice test
  • What happens after the appeal is over

For further information about the academy and school admission appeals training opportunities we offer, please contact us or call 0800 024 1976.

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