Small Charity Week

This week, 19 to 23 June, is Small Charity Week.  A week that celebrates and raises awareness of the important work of small charities which makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes.

What is a small charity?

There is no one definition of a ‘small’ charity but the Small Charities Coalition definition is one of the most widely used.  They say that a small charity is one with an annual income of under £1m. By this measure, it is estimated that 97% o the charities in the UK are ‘small’ with almost 50% of charities having an income of £10,000 or less per annum.

The sector represents over 136,000 registered charities as well as an estimated 900,0000 unincorporated groups and organisations that are too small to register.

On average donations from the public are the single biggest source of funding for small charities.

What kind of work do small charities do?

Most of us will have come into contact with a wide range of small charities during our lives as they are present in all areas of work from social projects to culture and recreation.

You may not realise this but is estimated that over 90% of Parent Teacher Associations, village halls and scout groups are small charities.  They can also include allotment associations, local sports and play facilities, training and education projects and places such as daycare centres.

The benefits of small charities

The small charity sector is present throughout the UK but especially so in rural areas and local communities where they are often seen as the ‘first responders’ within the charity sector.

They tend to build person-centred relationships with their beneficiaries as well as within their local communities which can help them to bring together a range of services to benefit people in need as well as become community hubs.

Small charities make a significant impact in their areas. A recent study into small charities across six areas within the UK showed that in just one such area small charities contributed 9.6 million volunteer hours each year – equivalent to nearly 6,000 full-time workers. This helped the small charities in that one locality add a gross value of £186m per annum. A picture that the research suggests is replicated across the country.

How Nelsons can help

If you are involved in a small charity, or seeking to set one up, then please contact a member of our expert Court of Protection team in DerbyLeicester, or Nottingham on 0800 024 1976 or via our online enquiry form.

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