The Taboo Of Pregnancy & Infant Loss – Let’s Talk About It

It is a taboo subject isn’t it, talking about early or late miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination on serious medical grounds, stillbirth or infant death? Here in the Clinical Negligence team at Nelsons, we want to break through that wall of silence to recognise the pain of baby loss and signpost to appropriate support for our readers and clients that may need it.

Often baby loss cannot be prevented. It is a devastating fact of life that in the UK 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage and 15 babies die every day either before, during or shortly after birth. But what about when things were going right, and then suddenly they started going wrong? Who do you turn to after you have suffered the terrible loss of a pregnancy or baby? You are grief-stricken but nobody knows what to say. Often people will try to say the right thing and will say totally the wrong thing, which leaves you feeling even worse.

Pregnancy And Infant Loss Support Groups


Well don’t despair, as there is support out there and we would like to shout about the brilliant and touching service offered by Zephyr’s, part of the Nottingham Hospitals Charity, based in a bespoke unit within the grounds of Nottingham City Hospital.

Zephyr’s was set up by Carly and Martin whose son tragically passed away on his due date, and the centre offers loving care and support to families who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or the death of a baby or child.

Zephyr’s receives over 1,000 visits per year from bereaved parents and families. It is a quiet, peaceful place where people can talk about their loss away from a clinical environment. Zephyr’s offers an Open Doors drop-in service every Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 3 pm where anyone is welcome to call in, find out more about the support they offer, browse and borrow from their library, or chat and join in conversation over a cuppa at the cosy kitchen table.

HOPE – Pregnancy After Loss

If you are currently pregnant after suffering previous baby loss, we understand that this is an extremely emotional and anxious time. Support can be found via the support group ‘HOPE – Pregnancy After Loss’.

With the support of Carly at Zephyr’s, HOPE was founded by Katie after she was riddled with anxiety during her pregnancy following an early and late miscarriage. The HOPE group is supported by a bereavement midwife and volunteers and meetings take place once a month in the Zephyr’s unit.

At every meeting a guest speaker or practitioner delivers different activities such as yoga, hypnobirthing and bump painting, which promote relaxation, discussion and bonding.

For further information, please visit the Facebook page for HOPE.

Medical Negligence Claims And Inquests

If you sought medical advice or intervention during your pregnancy but the wrong information or treatment was provided to you, and your baby died either in utero, in infancy or was stillborn as a result, you may wish to seek legal advice from our specialist team of lawyers. If your baby died after delivery (neonatal death), you may be facing the daunting prospect of an inquest.

SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) advises:

“Research shows that when a baby dies before birth, near the end of pregnancy, in 6 out of 10 cases that death might have been prevented with different care.”

How Can Nelsons Help?

Pregnancy And Infant Loss Support Groups

We can provide advice and assistance with both inquests and clinical negligence claims and are highly experienced in dealing with these sensitive and emotional cases. Sometimes all you want is an apology or acknowledgement that you were let down and we can help with making complaints about your care, so that you can seek answers as to what happened.

We know first-hand what it is like to suffer baby loss, so we are here to help if you need it.

Baishali Clayton is an Associate in our expert Medical Negligence and Inquest team. If you have any questions in relation to the subjects discussed in this article, then please get in touch with Baishali or another member of the team in Derby, Leicester or Nottingham on 0800 024 1976 or via our online form.