Planning law advice for commercial developers

The planning process can make or break a commercial property development. Planning permission is the green light every developer looks for, be it for a change of use or a plan to build, as without it ideas for developments can be abandoned or significantly modified at an increased cost.

Commercial property development planning process

Developers who plough on without the necessary permissions in place risk their new structure having to be taken down, or their shop turned back into a flat.

When a developer strays from the terms of the permission granted, there is a risk of enforcement action being taken against them, with Court action and fines likely if they don’t comply.

It is this process of applying for planning permission which can unnerve even the most experienced developer. That’s largely because the process is formal, requires precision and the result is never guaranteed as it’s based on policy interpreted by the local planning authority.

With the right legal support, developers stand the best chance of getting the outcome they need. That’s why we provide solicitors highly trained in commercial property development planning.

How we can help with commercial property development planning

At Nelsons, our commercial property solicitors in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham are experienced in all aspects of planning.

They advise developers on the ways in which planning law affects any proposed development, pinpointing the parts of the plans that will need permission, and anticipating any planning-related issues that could arise in the future.

We also discuss with developers their chances of making a successful planning application and, with careful reference to local development plan policies, help present the strongest possible case.

An unsuccessful planning application needn’t signal the end of the project. Our solicitors can also advise clients on appealing the local planning authority’s decision, and represent developers at hearings.

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