Clinical Negligence Claims For Perineal Tears During Childbirth

What is the perineum?

Between the vagina and the anus is an area called the perineum. During the course of labour and delivery, this area can suffer a tear as the baby is delivered.

Is a perineal tear always due to negligent treatment?

A perineal tear can occur naturally during childbirth. For example, if the baby is particularly large or the vagina does not stretch easily.

Sometimes, perineal tears cannot be prevented. Simply suffering a perineal tear does not in and of itself mean that the care/treatment was negligent.

Perineal tears during childbirth and clinical negligence

However, there are occasions where negligent treatment or management of delivery can lead to avoidable perineal damage.

For example, if the doctor or midwife has not considered or appreciated that the pregnant woman has risk factors for perineal tears, or if the doctor or midwife fails to take steps before or during the birth to minimise the risks of tearing.

In addition, even if a tear has occurred naturally if there is a failure or delay in diagnosing and repairing the damage, or failure to act on signs of infection, these might also be a cause for a claim in clinical negligence.

Can you make a claim?

If you have suffered a tear following the birth of your child due to negligent or substandard care, you could potentially be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

It is important to speak to a specialist legal team about what has happened to consider whether you might have a viable claim.

Claims Perineal Tears ChildbirthHow can Nelsons help?

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We have extensive experience representing clients in perineal injury claims. Very recently, we successfully represented a client who had suffered a fourth-degree perineal tear (read more here).

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