WhatsApp Update Privacy Policy After Receiving €225 Million Fine

WhatsApp Privacy PolicyWhatsApp was recently fined €225 million following a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in relation to the transparency in how they process people’s data (for more information on the breach, have a read of this article). As well as receiving the fine WhatsApp were given three months to make changes to their privacy policy which they have now implemented.

Despite WhatsApp’s privacy policy being re-written as a result, on the face of it very little has changed. WhatsApp commented that the tweaks are to add additional detail around the existing policy, specifically how individual’s data is used by parent company Meta. It is hoped this will re-assure members that messages between them and others remain private and as such, WhatsApp continues to offer the highest level of security with end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp state that the amendments to its privacy policy make no difference to how users’ data is currently handled and therefore users will not be required to agree to the new terms. Instead, the privacy policy will simply be updated which may be noticed by users who look to access the policy through the app. No doubt this will not be the last time a company of Meta has its privacy policy scrutinised as Meta continue to dominate the world of social media.


This case shows the importance of companies being fully transparent with how users’ information is handled. Despite users information being fully encrypted/private, the fine given was significant without any impact on end-users. This should be a message to all data processors who should now review their privacy policy to ensure it is fully transparent with its users.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

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