Clifton Mum Claiming Compensation Over Undercooked Chicken Upset

A Clifton mum-of-one is pursuing a claim for compensation after both she and her 83-year-old grandfather suffered serious food poisoning from eating undercooked chicken wings.

The batch of Delamere British Hot & Spicy Roast Chicken Wings bought from Heron Foods has since been pulled from shelves at Home Bargains and Heron Foods nationally, and a recall notice issued by the supplier Forrester Sales Ltd, with the Food Standards Agency deeming the product a ‘risk to health’, stating that the batch ‘may not have received adequate cooking.’

Ms Cross and her elderly grandfather had shared the packet of chicken wings as a late lunch, only to experience nausea, serious stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea within hours of consuming the product. Their illness continued through the night and next day, with both unable to regain their appetite for a further three days.

Dianne Collins, Associate & Solicitor at Nelsons, is investigating the compensation claim on behalf of Ms Cross, 23.

She said: “Ms Cross contacted us after suffering serious food poisoning from ‘ready to eat’ Delamere British Hot & Spicy Roast Chicken Wings bought from Heron Foods.

“As this product batch has been recalled nationally we expect there to be more cases of food poisoning in Nottingham and beyond – we would ask those who also experienced food poisoning to contact us to provide vital witness evidence for the claim.”

Ms Cross said: “This was, by far, the worst sickness I have ever experienced; I’ve never felt pain like it.

“It was my aunt who picked up the chicken for us that day as she had come to visit, however she didn’t fancy any, so just me and granddad had some. I ate a couple of pieces and noticed one wing had a yellow blister on the end and it put me off eating any more, my granddad said his tasted fine so probably ate eight or nine pieces. By around 10pm that night I began to feel really unwell and it just got worse and worse, and my poor granddad felt the same.

“I’m just thankful that my two-year-old son didn’t have any of the chicken as I would hate to think how poorly he would have been.”

The details of the product affected are: Delamere British Hot & Spicy Roast Chicken Wings Pack size: 350g. ‘Use by’ date: 09 July 2017. Barcode: 5060053601062. Batch code: 12250c. No other Forrester Sales Ltd products are known to be affected.

Those affected by food poisoning who would like to seek legal advice can contact Dianne Collins at Nelsons on 0800 024 1976.