Coronation Street – The Plight Of Tyrone & Fizz – Section 20 & Care Proceedings

Fans of Coronation Street will have seen a very interesting story-line developing involving Fizz and Tyrone. This young couple have agreed to sign a Section 20 agreement in order to avoid Care Proceedings being issued, which means the children will be looked after by Local Authority foster carers for some time.

The social worker said that if they did not sign the agreement that they would have to involve the Police for the children to be removed for protection. This appeared to frighten them enough to agree immediately.

Should Fizz and Tyrone in Coronation Street have signed the Section 20 without taking legal advice?

No definitely not. They do not know their rights and have allowed the social worker to intimidate them into agreeing.

Consenting to a Section 20 agreement without legal advice

Agreeing to Section 20 accommodation is a common scenario experienced by many parents who have become involved with social services and find themselves in breach of a written agreement.

If social services have asked you to sign a Section 20 agreement or you have been threatened with proceedings to remove children from your care then it is important that you take specialist and independent legal advice as soon as possible so that you know your rights.

Social services can become involved for issues such as:

All of these matters require specialist legal advice and you should see a solicitor as soon as possible. In cases where you are accused of injuring your child, this is very important as the solicitor will know there could be a perfectly good explanation for this, which has not been properly considered by the Local Authority social worker.

How can Nelsons help?

Melanie BridgenCoronation Street Section 20 is a Partner in our expert Children Law team.

It is important to know your rights in this situation as the consequences for parents and children can be catastrophic if matters go without proper legal challenge.

At Nelsons, we have an expert team of children and family specialists in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham who have dealt with many of these cases. We know what to do and will protect your interests.

If you require any information then please contact Melanie, who heads our Children Law team, or another member of the department on 0800 024 1976 or via our online form.

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