What Is A Cash Flow Model?

Evaluating your current assets and future outgoings are essential to planning for a strong and secure financial future.

A cash flow model is a financial tool which assesses your current and future assets and wealth, alongside your financial income and expenditure. It then provides you with a projected picture for the future, which allows you to manage your financial position and make sensible decisions over the forthcoming years.

The reliability of a cash flow model is reliant on the information (assets, income and expenditure) that is used to create the picture, so this information must be updated frequently to keep up to speed with inevitable changes in your personal circumstances.

The Benefits of a Cash Flow Model

An appropriately designed cash flow model will allow you to:

  • Strategically works towards a projected lifestyle which you have in mind
  • Provides a detailed overview of your financial arrangements
  • Provides a realistic picture for your financial obligations after you have passed away
  • Produces an investment plan for your capital in agreement with the risk and reward with which you are comfortable with

How Can Nelsons Help?

Cash Flow ModelA well prepared, bespoke cash flow model is an ideal financial tool which allows you to reach your financial objectives. Nelsons’ expert Wealth Management team specialises in the cash flow modelling planning process, working with you on your financial strategies and approaches. The team will help you value your assets and determine your likely projected aspirational and practical needs.

Factoring in the uncertainties of life, the team will advise you on the best ways of preserving and enhancing your income and savings, and to budget for later life.

John Stanley is a Partner & Independent Financial Adviser in our Wealth Management team.

Call 0800 024 1976 or contact us via our online form if you would like any advice in relation to our cash flow modelling service and how it could help bring greater certainty, and better financial backing to your future.