Strategies to calculate your future income

Building a secure financial future takes careful, long-term planning. Protecting and investing assets is essential, but it’s also about understanding what personal outgoings there are likely to be in the years ahead.

Cash flow modelling is a way of measuring how long money will last and calculating costs for the future. It tracks income and takes account of potential spending including children’s university fees, weddings, holidays and care needs.

Cash Flow Modelling Service

At Nelsons, our Investment Management team specialises in this planning process, working with clients across the UK on their financial strategies. We help clients value their assets and determine their likely future aspirational and practical needs.

Factoring in the uncertainties of life, we advise clients on the best ways of preserving and enhancing their income and savings, and to budget for later life.

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Talk to us about how our cash flow modelling service works and how it could help bring greater certainty, and better financial backing to your future.

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