Baby Dies As A Result Of Mis-Managed Labour

Nelsons’ Medical Negligence expert Baishali Clayton was instructed by the parents of a baby who died at Kings Mill Hospital in February 2013 as a result of mis-managed labour. More shockingly, the couple were advised by medical staff that their son had died shortly after being born following 28 minutes of failed resuscitation, but was in fact still alive.

When the baby’s parents pointed out to the medical staff that they thought their baby was still alive, they were told they were mistaken. It was more than one hour later that a midwife agreed that the baby was still breathing, and called a doctor. It took another 20 minutes for a paediatric doctor to arrive, who confirmed that they had previously got it wrong and the baby was in fact alive. The baby had by now been starved of oxygen for nearly two hours, causing major brain damage. He was rushed to a specialist unit in Leicester, but tragically died two days later.

After obtaining a number of specialist medical reports it became apparent that the case not only concerned the appalling medical care post-delivery, but that labour and delivery were also mismanaged. As a result of a number of failings, the baby was born in an extremely compromised state. He was so severely disabled that his injuries were incompatible with life and he died 2 days after his birth.

The Defendant Trust eventually settled the claim 4 years later in 2017 for a 5 figure sum. The Claimant recovered damages on behalf of her late son’s estate and also in her own right as a Secondary Victim.

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