Online Notary Services – Having Your Documents Notarised By Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp, Skype Or Facetime

Traditionally, to have a document notarised, involved seeing a Notary in-person. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused people and business to look for an alternative to visiting a Notary, in order to have documents notarised, using video conference technology such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime or other similar online platforms.

As outlined in guidance published by The Faculty Office in May 2020, it is possible for some documents to be notarised remotely, provided regulations can be complied with.

As stated in the guidance, the following documents can sometimes be notarised remotely:

  • Certified copies of Court documents e.g. Decree Absolute relating to divorce
  • Certification of UK-issued degree – including A-Level, GCSE and other qualification certificates
  • Certified copies of other documents
  • DBS/ACRO/Criminal Records Checks
  • Company documents/certificates of good standing/certificates of incorporation etc.
  • Documents where a signature is required to be witnessed by a Notary such as:
    • Deeds
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Letters of Authority

It is not yet possible to have an Oath or Statutory Declaration notarised remotely.

It is worth noting that the above guidance states that the temporary use of remote systems to notarise documents comes with strict conditions, which includes, among others, the need for the Notary to use their “best endeavours” to ascertain whether the use of video conference technology is acceptable in the receiving jurisdiction.

Requirements for having a document notarised remotely:

  • You must be physically located in England and Wales.
  • Confirmation must be obtained that video-notarisation of the document concerned will be acceptable in the receiving jurisdiction.
  • If the notarisation requires the Notary to witness the signing or execution of the document, you will need access to Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime or other suitable video-conferencing technology and be able to sign a paper version of the document (unless electronic signature is acceptable to the recipient).
  • You must have access to email and be able to email the relevant documents.
  • The Notary must be able to ensure compliance with the all of their regulatory requirements and the relevant laws of England and Wales, including:
    • Checking your identity documents.
    • Obtaining your consent to the recording (or, if not practicable, the capturing of screen-shots) of the video conference and retention for six years.
    • The Notary’s certificate will narrate the procedure followed.

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How we can help

At Nelsons, we provide Notary Public services through Martin Jinks, Partner, who is regulated by The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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