Wales Manager & Midfielder Criticised Following Head Collision Incident

The subject of head injuries and concussions in sport seems to be a reoccurring one at the moment. The topic came into focus again at the weekend in the Euro 2020 qualifier between Wales and Croatia.

Welsh midfielder, Daniel James, was involved in a mid-air collision with Domagoj Vida and Borna Barisic in the 14th minute, which looked to be serious and to have left James unconscious. He received medical treatment both on and off the pitch but quickly returned to the field of play.

After the match, Wales’s manager, Ryan Giggs, commented that James had not been knocked out during the incident and was “acting”. He added:

“I’ve not seen it (the incident). He stayed down. I say about players being smart, he stayed down but he was fine.

“The physio came over but there was no problem…

“He passed the concussion tests at half-time.”

Daniel James confirmed that he had not lost consciousness as a result of collision:

“There was a few tackles flying in but you always expect it in these games,

“I’m fine. I think he just caught me in the head but I didn’t get knocked out fortunately.”

Response from Headway

The incident and comments made by Ryan Giggs have not been well received by brain injury charity, Headway, who’s Chief Executive, Peter McCabe, commented:

“Like most people watching the footage of the incident, our immediate concern was for the player’s health. As soon as the incident occurred, he was attended to by the medics who then determined that he was fit to continue.

“Although it is argued that concussion protocols were followed, the rules state that if a concussion is suspected a player must be removed from the game. To all watching, it appeared that Daniel James lost consciousness. Regardless of his manager’s comments after the game, this in itself must surely have given enough reason to take a cautious approach.

“However, Ryan Giggs’ claim that the player was being ‘streetwise’ by staying down and appearing to have been knocked out is shocking.

“If that is the case and James was ‘acting’, it raises serious questions about the player’s understanding of the seriousness of concussion. Not only has he put his own medical team under intense and unfair scrutiny, but he’s also set a dangerous example for the millions watching at home.

“Similarly, we have serious concerns about terms like ‘streetwise’ or that the player was ‘just using his nous’. It is simply not acceptable for teams to use concussion protocols for tactical gain.”

Football head injury claims

Head injuries, such as a concussion, and other injuries sustained whilst playing football can have life changing consequences. Normally, when you are playing football or any other sport you are doing so being fully aware of the risks of sustaining an injury.

However, if a person feels that there was a reckless disregard for their safety, a deliberate intention to injure them, or that the injury was worsened by poor protocols/practices for their assessment, treatment, removal from the field, and care, then they may be able to make a compensation claim.

If you or a loved one have suffered a head injury whilst playing football that was not your/their fault, then it is important to seek expert legal advice in relation to making a claim.

How Nelsons can help

Football head injury claimsAt Nelsons, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients with brain and head injuries. We have close contacts with medical and brain injury rehabilitation teams and have a strong track record of achieving substantial compensation for those with brain and head injuries.

We also have a long standing connection with Headway and are on their approved solicitors’ list and working within the Headway Personal Injury Solicitors Code of Conduct. We are assessed each year by Headway to ensure we have the required level of knowledge and experience to handle these specialist claims.

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