Compensation Achieved for Man Injured During Home Renovation

Mr W was having his bathroom renovated at home. During this process the contractors left an uncovered hole in the bathroom floor, with no warning signs or barriers to highlight that it was there. Mr W entered the bathroom and fell into the hole. He suffered injuries to his leg, shoulder and back.

Mr W approached Nelsons to make a compensation claim. It was initially unclear who the correct defendant should be. We made a claim against the plumbing contractor whom Mr W believed he had contracted with, but that person told us that a different person was responsible; another plumber who was on-site at the time.

Our client was aware of this man, but as far as he was concerned he was just a worker – he was not the person whom Mr W believed he had formally engaged to carry out the renovations. Moreover, this second man had no insurance and limited funds, so a claim against him was unlikely to produce payment of compensation and costs.

We argued with the insurers for the contractor and set out a whole list of reasons why it was clear that Mr W had a contractual relationship with him, rather than with the other man. The insurer eventually backed down.

Throughout this case the defendant was difficult to deal with, however we obtained medical evidence and commenced court proceedings. We persuaded the defendant to more than double their initial offer and ultimately negotiated a settlement of £4,500, an outcome which our client was pleased with.

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