Road Traffic Accident Results in Five Figure Sum in Compensation

Nelsons were instructed to act on behalf of an elderly lady who suffered severe injuries in a road traffic accident.

The claimant was getting into a motor vehicle when the driver set off before she had properly secured herself in the vehicle. As a result she was knocked to the floor and trapped under the vehicle. The emergency services were called to free her in what was an extremely traumatic accident.

As a result of the accident, the claimant suffered multiple injuries including fractures to her pelvis, a fracture to her thoracic spine as well as various cuts and bruises and a soft tissue injury to her shoulder and right leg. She was in hospital for several weeks and then spent several months in a Rehabilitation Unit. The accident particularly knocked her confidence and once she returned home, she was very reluctant to venture out of the house. With the support of her family over a number of months however she gradually improved but has been left with some permanent symptoms.

After a letter of claim the insurers admitted liability.

A letter of claim was submitted to the insurers of the driver involved who subsequently admitted liability. Full medical records were obtained and medical reports were arranged with an Orthopaedic Consultant and Psychologist. Settlement was agreed for a five figure sum including compensation for the injuries, various out of pocket expenses and an award for the care and assistance provided by her family.

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