Road Traffic Accident Claim Settles for £2,750

Nelsons assisted Mrs X in securing compensation after she suffered injuries whilst travelling as a passenger in a taxi that was hit during a road traffic accident.

Mrs X was a passenger in a taxi when a car drove into the rear of the taxi whilst it was stationary. As a result of the accident, Mrs X suffered a minor head injury with headaches, nausea and vomiting which settled over a period of 2 weeks. She also suffered a whiplash-type injury to her neck for which she needed medication over several months. For treatment of her injuries caused by the accident, she attended both Accident & Emergency and her own doctors.

Injuries from the accident caused a lot of pain and inconvenience

The injuries sustained from the accident caused Mrs X a great deal of pain and inconvenience. Despite the pain, she continued to work as she was concerned about her job and is a single mum. However, due to the pain in her neck, she was unable to travel to work by bus and had to take taxis instead. .

Following pursuit of the claim on Mrs X’s behalf, the insurers admitted liability. A medical report was obtained and Nelsons were able to secure a settlement of £2,750.00.

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