Planning ahead for your future

The future can be difficult to predict. However, shifting demographics and rising life expectancy means that increasing numbers of us may have to rely on residential and nursing care in the future.

State funding is limited to those who need it most, and you may be concerned – as many people are – about your ability to pay for your future care. If you need residential care, all of your income (pensions, interest on savings, dividends etc.) apart from a small amount would be used to pay the care home fees.

You would also have to pay the extra amount from your capital, until it is reduced to the upper limit when local authority help is available.

Residential care planning

At Nelsons we can ease the worry of residential care fees by helping you plan for your later years. Our team of experts specialise in helping people take the right steps now to safeguard the future for them and their loved ones.

We can advise on the many options available, including:

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