Every professional negligence claim against a Solicitor is different because Solicitors are instructed for a number of different reasons. We have set out some examples of different types of Solicitor negligence on our web page “Professional Negligence Claims Against Solicitors”. Some more examples are:

  • Missed limitation dates for your legal case thereby potentially preventing you from continuing with your claim;
  • Under-settling a claim;
  • Incorrectly drafting a legal document;
  • Failing to undertake the correct searches (which would have revealed the existence of problems) when carrying out the conveyance of a property; and
  • Giving the wrong advice where the law is clear or giving incomplete advice.

This is not an exhaustive list but if you feel you have suffered a loss due to Solicitor negligence please feel free to contact us or complete our form so we can call you. We offer a free, no obligation telephone assessment to give you an understanding of the merits of your claim.