Helping you appeal a planning application decision

When an application is refused for planning permission, there are still options available. There are opportunities to appeal the decision, perhaps leading to a different outcome, but getting the right result takes knowledge and experience of the issues involved.

Planning permission appeals can be about more than just an unsuccessful application to extend or develop land. Appeals can also be made against a local planning authority’s failure to determine an application within the statutory time limit, or against conditions attached to a planning permission.

Planning permission appeals

The issues and the processes involved can be complex, calling for careful preparation and a clearly formulated case.

There are three methods of planning appeal:

  1. Written representations – an inspector considers written evidence from the person making the appeal, the local planning authority and anyone else who has an interest in the appeal
  2. Hearing – a round table discussion open to the public and led by an inspector
  3. Inquiry – a formal testing of evidence usually through the questioning of expert and other witnesses, similar to a Court hearing and open to the public.

Whilst the party lodging an appeal can choose which method of appeal it would like to pursue, the planning inspectorate will consult with the relevant local planning authority before deciding the most appropriate procedure. It is vital that appeals are lodged within the statutory deadlines.

How Nelsons can help

At Nelsons, our solicitors have specialist experience in all types of planning permission appeals. We begin at square one, analysing the proposed development or other application and comparing it and its merits with the authority’s decision.

We advise clients on the chances of bringing a successful appeal and on the likely timing, cost and best course of action. If the best course is an appeal, then we work with clients to put forward the case against the local planning authority.

Our specialist team represents clients at any stage of the appeal process and in relation to all methods of appeal, advising throughout and keeping a careful track of fees.

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