At present the fee for an Apostille is £30 per document.

Individual embassies charge fees if legalisation is required with them – these generally start at £30 per document but can be substantially higher than that, with some embassies charging over £100 per document.

For commercial documents, some embassies charge an even higher amount, sometimes as high as £500 per document.

Consular agent’s fees are, at present, £15 (inc. VAT) per document per presentation – so if a document has an Apostille placed on it by the foreign office and then also has to be legalised by an individual embassy the consulate agency fees will be £30 (inc. VAT).

These fees include delivery back to us. If the documents then need to be sent overseas we would normally recommend that this is done through the consular agents via a courier for which the cost is approximately £60 (inc. VAT).