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For details of our Notary Public fees and services, please click on the relevant drop-down option below.

  • Notarial Fees

    Our notarial fees are generally calculated on a fixed-fee basis.

    The minimum notarial fee is £125 plus VAT and this will cover one notarial attendance. We include within this fee the certification of up to 10 copy documents. Additional copies are then charged at £10 plus VAT per copy.

    If we are also required to obtain an Apostille on any documents that we have notarised then the fees will increase to £175 plus VAT plus the Apostille, legalisation and consular agent’s fees.

    If documents need legalising for China then, due to the additional work involved, our fees will increase from £175 plus VAT to £225 plus VAT plus legalisation and consular agent’s fees.

    Please note that we will always use consular agents to deal with legalisation, save occasionally when only a Foreign Office Apostille is required, when we may submit the document directly to the Foreign Office.

    We will normally advise you before the notarial meeting if we think that the fees may increase from these minimum fixed figures. If, during the course of the meeting, we become aware that the figures are likely to increase, then we will advise you at the meeting of the likely level of new fees.

    If the fees are to increase, we will endeavour to give you a new figure on a fixed-fee basis. If we are unable to do so then we will charge for the additional work on a time-costed basis at our notarial hourly rate which is £250 plus VAT.

  • Legalisation & Consular Agent’s Fees

    At present the fee for an Apostille is £30 per document.

    Individual embassies charge fees if legalisation is required with them – these generally start at £30 per document but can be substantially higher than that, with some embassies charging over £100 per document.

    For commercial documents, some embassies charge an even higher amount, sometimes as high as £500 per document.

    Consular agent’s fees are, at present, £15 (inc. VAT) per document per presentation – so if a document has an Apostille placed on it by the foreign office and then also has to be legalised by an individual embassy the consulate agency fees will be £30 (inc. VAT).

    These fees include delivery back to us. If the documents then need to be sent overseas we would normally recommend that this is done through the consular agents via a courier for which the cost is approximately £60 (inc. VAT).

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