Access To & Reduction In Treatment For Non COVID-19 Patients

Due to the impact of the coronavirus on medical services up and down the country, it is having a significant impact on non coronavirus patients who could be at risk of serious harm or even worse, death, due to the fact they are unable to access the medical care they require.

Whilst the approach undertaken by the NHS is understandable due to the impact of the pandemic, it has meant that a high number of hospitals are currently running at 60% or less capacity of their standard services.

There have been a number of calls for this approach to be reconsidered so the risks of the coronavirus are measured against the problems which could be caused by delayed diagnosis and/or medical treatment of other serious conditions.

Additionally, BBC News has reported that NHS waiting lists could this year reach 10 million, meaning that this could have long-term consequences for those needing medical care going forwards.

Stopping avoidable harm and deaths of noncoronavirus patients – AVMA campaign

There have been various media reports lately concerning this subject and the organisation Action Against Medical Accidents (AVMA) are currently campaigning for an increased acceleration of medical services being opened up for non coronavirus patients.

AVMA have reported that they have received a number of calls to their support line where a lack of access to the required medical care appears to have caused serious harm or death. Patients are reporting issues accessing medical care for cancer, cardiology and neurological treatment and other serious medical conditions.

AVMA is currently requesting feedback from the general public on cases such as these since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, including the medical treatment that cannot be provided and the level of risk this poses or has already caused.

Further information can be found here.

Non Coronavirus PatientsHow we can help

Carolle White is a Senior Associate and Legal Executive in our specialist Medical Negligence team.

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