At Nelsons, we provide a range of fixed fee online personal finance services, including:

  • Claiming back bank charges;
  • Credit rating repair;
  • Improving your credit rating;
  • Unauthorised cashpoint withdrawals; and
  • Identify theft issues.

Our banking charges pack can help you to reclaim unfair bank charges, and asks the bank to repay in full any unfair bank charges that have been applied to your account. Our credit issues pack contains documents for you to start the repair process, and to report to credit card companies if you feel your account has been accessed without your permission

Make a start now and see how our fixed fee online service can help you take control of your finances.

Our fixed fee online personal finance services provide:

  • Try before you buy option – see your personalised documents created onscreen
  • Step by step on-screen help
  • Complete the document yourself for instance access
  • Low fixed price access to the pack of documents you need

These products are supplied so that you can complete them yourself. Your document will instantly draft itself on-screen for your particular circumstances as you answer the interactive questionnaire and follow the guidance notes.

If you have any queries in relation to our online personal finance services, please contact us on:

Pre-sales enquiries*

E / 

*Please note that pre-sales enquiries will not be able to supply any form of legal advice.

Technical or post-sales support

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T / 0845 644 8966