At Nelsons, we provide a range of fixed fee online business start-up documents, including partnership agreements, limited liability partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, as well as a range of intellectual property and non-disclosure agreements.

It’s only when things go wrong that you wished you documented your business relationships beforehand. Make a start now and see just how easy it is to set-up your business agreements with our online service.

Our fixed fee online business start-up services provide:

  • Try before you buy option – see your personalised documents created onscreen
  • The reassurance that a lawyer will review your documents
  • Lower fixed fees
  • Step by step guidance makes partnership agreements simple and quick to create
  • Expert advice and assistance from a leading law firm

For all of our business start-up services, a professional lawyer will review the answers you input to the system, answer any reasonable questions you may have, make any drafting changes required and ensure you receive a document that is suitable for your requirements based on the information you provide.

The time we spend on your document is limited but designed to fit most people’s needs. Should your document require significant extra work, we will provide you with a quote for the additional work.

If you have any queries in relation to our online business start-up services, please contact us on:

Pre-sales enquiries*

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*Please note that pre-sales enquiries will not be able to supply any form of legal advice.

Technical or post-sales support

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