At Nelsons, we provide fixed fee online building forms and agreements, which can be used to deal with managing your building project. Building projects very rarely run as smoothly as you might like but with our online legal advice service, managing these projects has just got a lot easier.

Our online advice service provides the key documents required to create a basic legal record of the agreement you make with a builder when you engage their services for work. It provides a request for work estimations that should be completed in order to document the scope of the work that will be undertaken for the agreed price, and a small scale contract that will dictate the terms under which the work will proceed.

It also provides important documents that can be used in the event of a problem during the course of your building project, such as the need to engage with your builder on a series of actions that might be required to get the project back on track or within budget, or to make good any building problems that have occurred.

In a worse-case scenario, it also provides documents that can be used to terminate a contract or seek redress.

Our fixed fee online building contract forms and agreements provide:

  • A try before you buy option – see your personalised documents created on-screen
  • Step by step on-screen help
  • Complete the document yourself for instant access
  • Low fixed price access to the pack of documents you need

These products are supplied so that you can complete them yourself. Your document will instantly draft itself on-screen for your particular circumstances as you answer the interactive questionnaire and follow the guidance notes.

If you have any queries in relation to our online service, please contact us on:

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Technical or post-sales support

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