Nelsons Achieve Compensation for Police Dog Attack

Solicitor Dianne Collins has dealt with several cases against the police and recently represented a claimant, Mr B, who was attacked by a police dog in 2007 when he was just 12 years old.

The claimant was playing with friends in a park on a Saturday afternoon in October 2007.  The children attempted to obtain access to a derelict building in the park when several police officers, including a dog handler with a police dog, appeared. Frightened, the children ran and the dog handler released the dog to chase and apprehend them.

The police dog apprehended one of the claimant’s friends, aged 15 and brought her to the ground and then proceeded to attack the claimant who was standing close by.

The claimant alleged that the use of the police dog was an unreasonable use of force and claimed damages for assault.  The police denied that it was an excessive use of force and continued to deny liability throughout the case.

The claimant received an out of court settlement of £10,000 from the police one week before trial.

This case was reported by the BBC and Leicester Mercury.

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