Five Figure Sum Awarded for Serious Road Traffic Accident Claim

Mrs P was a pedestrian on the pavement on St Peter’s Gate in Nottingham when the driver of a silver Toyota lost control of his car mounted the pavement and collided with her.

Mrs P suffered serious injuries in the accident requiring emergency surgery for damage to one of the arteries in her leg and sustaining multiple injuries including a fracture to her pelvis, various cuts and severe bruising over her body and face. As a result of the injuries Mrs P had a lengthy stay in hospital followed by rehabilitation. During the recovery period she had severe back ache and was using two walking sticks for a considerable length of time. After the accident it was also necessary for her to receive a lot of help at home and although, her condition did improve gradually, it was a very slow process.

Compensation for the injuries was recovered

All the relevant evidence was obtained including medical reports in respect of the injuries. The police investigated the accident and the driver’s insurers admitted liability. Nelsons were able to recover a five figure settlement.

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