Failure to Properly Clean Wound Results in Four Figure Settlement

Mr L attended the Accident and Emergency Department of his local NHS Trust following sustaining a deep laceration to his arm.

Mr L was left to wash the wound with soap and water before the Duty Consultant carried out a debride of the edges of the wound followed by a further wash-out before suturing.

Mr L was discharged home but the following day attended his GP surgery after the wound began to leak and soak through the dressings. The wound was re-dressed but continued to leak and produce an offensive smell.

Mr L again attended his GP and the dressing was removed. On doing so, large amounts of pus, dirt and grit were found on the dressing and in the wound. Mr L’s arm was discoloured and swollen from his shoulder to his hand.

Mr L was immediately admitted to a different hospital, where he was diagnosed with a severe infection and had to undergo two wash-out procedures under general anaesthetic. Mr L required inpatient treatment in hospital for two weeks.

Mr L proceeded with a claim against the hospital Trust responsible for negligently closing the initial wound without first carrying out a thorough clean-out. Had this been done, Mr L would have avoided the severe infection which developed and the need for two further operations and lengthy inpatient care and recovery.

The Trust denied liability but made an offer to settle Mr L’s claim of a four-figure sum which Mr L accepted.

Mr L was represented by Danielle Young.

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