Legal advice for your settlement agreement

A compromise or settlement agreement provides an employee with compensation for losing their job, and in return the employee agrees not to pursue a legal claim against the employer.

An agreement will usually cover issues such as settling all current and future legal claims and payment of any money owed to the employee.

Compromise Agreement Advice

To be legally binding, a settlement or compromise agreement must:

  • Be in writing
  • Relate to the employee’s particular complaint or legal proceedings
  • Record that the statutory conditions for compromise agreements have been met
  • Confirm that the employee has had legal advice from an independent adviser and identify the independent adviser

How Nelsons can help

If your employer has offered you a compromise agreement, you should take advice from experienced employment lawyers who can advise and negotiate the terms of your agreement.

Nelsons has a team of specialist employment lawyers who can act as independent advisers for your settlement or compromise agreement. This means we are qualified lawyers with appropriate indemnity insurance in relation to providing the advice.

Our team can also advise on tax issues and senior executive exit packages.

"The ‘conscientious, reliant and diligent’ Andy Jamieson heads the team, which includes Keeley Baigent, who has ‘excellent knowledge and a pragmatic approach’, and Laura Kearsley, who is ‘focused and driven to excel for her clients’."

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