Divorce Rates Set To Surge Due To Covid-19

With the coronavirus lockdown forcing many people to stay at home, countries around the world are reporting an increase in the rates of relationship breakdown and divorce. Undoubtedly, the UK will follow suit.

Why is there an increase in the rates of relationship breakdown and divorce due to the coronavirus?

Divorce lawyers frequently see a spike in cases following periods in the year where couples are forced to spend more time together. September, after the summer holiday break, and the New Year after the Christmas period being prime examples of this.

Spending large amounts of time in close proximity as a result of social distancing measures, home-schooling and the vast uncertainty of the current situation do nothing to reduce the anxieties of those in already strained relationships.

Add into the mix the financial instability that has struck many families as a result of the coronavirus pandemic then it is perhaps unsurprising that a spike in divorces is expected.

Given the many issues both financial and in respect of children that the current situation will unearth, it is important that those experiencing relationship breakdown take legal advice at an early stage to provide reassurance and to plan how best to deal with separation in such uncertain times.

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How Nelsons can help

Emma Davies is a specialist Family Law Solicitor at Nelsons.

If you need advice on divorce or any other family related matter, please contact Emma and she will be happy to discuss your circumstances in more detail and give you more information about the services that Nelsons family law solicitors can provide.

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