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International Probate Solicitors

When a loved one dies, it can obviously be a traumatic and emotional time. Additionally, if the deceased person was a loved one who was a UK national with assets overseas or a foreign national with UK assets, it can complicate matters further when it comes to managing and administering their estate.

At Nelsons, our team of international probate solicitors in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham are here to help.

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What is international or cross-border probate?

International probate occurs where the deceased person resided in one country but owned assets in another. Such examples include:

  • Foreign nationals with English or Welsh assets
  • English or Welsh nationals with overseas assets
  • English or Welsh nationals living abroad but still own UK assets
  • Those residing in England or Wales but whose official home for tax reasons is overseas

If someone has passed away abroad but they held assets in England and Wales, it may be the case that a Grant of Probate (a Court issued document which gives legal authority to the executors of an estate appointed through a Will to deal with the affairs of the deceased), or that countries equivalent, has been issued in their country of domicile.

Institutions in England and Wales, however, would not recognise a Grant which has been issued in another country. This is because the laws surrounding international probate can be more complicated and time-consuming than standard probate (further information in respect of Grants of Probate issued overseas can be found here).

In such circumstances, it is advisable to seek specialist legal advice regarding your circumstances.

Our team of international probate solicitors

At Nelsons, our expert team of Wills and probate solicitors in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham can assist with all aspects of international probate and estate administration. We can provide expert assistance and support you throughout the entire process, including, but not limited to:

  • Preparing inheritance tax account and settling any inheritance tax due with HMRC.
  • Applying to the Probate Registry to either reseal an existing Grant or apply for a new Grant ensuring the relevant Non-Contentious Probate Rules and domicile are complied with.
  • The administration of your loved one’s estate.

Our team has many years of experience in advising on substantial, complex, and high-value estates, and are recommended by the independently-researched publication – The Legal 500 – as being one of the top teams of experts in the country.

We can support you with all or some part of the probate process, depending on your preference, and will advise you of the costs involved before we carry out any work.

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