Resolving construction disputes

Few construction projects complete without a construction dispute along the way. Most are easily resolved. Others take careful handling and tactical and legal awareness.

Part of the challenge in any construction and engineering project is the number of people involved – even small-scale developments draw together teams of people with different roles and responsibilities, who all have the potential to clash over issues such as delays, unpaid fees, defective design or sub-standard materials, for example.

Construction law and dispute resolution

While most projects have proper contracts, plans and specifications in place, these never guarantee a dispute-free process. The key to resolving issues without compromising the project’s future is the incisive interpretation and application of contractual terms.

That’s where our construction solicitors can really make a difference. They advise on agreements, making sure that clients are properly protected by clear terms about obligations, rights and enforcement.

At Nelsons, our construction solicitors will look for areas of potential conflict and make sure that robust conditions are put in place to safeguard against contractual breaches and other default.

Our team of construction dispute resolution solicitors

If disputes do arise, our team quickly assesses the rights and wrongs and the scale of what has happened. Always with regard to the contracts that are in place, the relationships involved and overall commerciality, our solicitors help clients resolve disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

If disagreements escalate, our team looks to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a way of bringing things to an end. With a wealth of experience in mediation, arbitration, adjudication as well as negotiation, our solicitors have helped resolve disputes of all types and sizes without going through the Courts system.

However, when the Courts are necessary, then our solicitors represent clients throughout and always with time, cost and client objectives firmly in mind.

Our team has specific expertise in bringing claims and defending claims in the Technology and Construction Court.

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