Client Receives Compensation after Falling in a Pot Hole

Our client had been walking along a pavement when his way was blocked by overgrown foliage, causing him to move into the road. However he stepped into a pot hole which had also been obstructed by foliage, and as a result fell and injured his foot.

The client contacted Nelsons to pursue a compensation claim against the local authority. We began investigations and the local authority denied liability, so we commenced court proceedings to pursue the claim.

It was discovered that before the accident, the council had inspected the road and discovered the pot hole, which they had stated needed to be repaired within five days, however the council did not complete the repair.

After court proceedings had begun, we negotiated with the council and were able to settle the claim for £3,500.

The client was happy with the outcome of his case and praised the “thoroughly helpful and professional” service he had received.

Mark House represented the client in this case.

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