One Last Christmas

It is never a great time to separate as a family, but Christmas can be one of the hardest. This is why a lot of families decide to have “one last Christmas” together for the sake of their children or even to see if they can work out their differences.

Christmas Separate Before After

The children can be impacted by the relationship breakdown, their parents arguing. Having one last Christmas gives memories for the children before separation, a sort of happiness and a desire to hold things together until after the holidays. Any parent who puts their children’s happiness first over the festive period should be commended for keeping the children’s best interests as a priority.

For some, spending increased time together when relationships are fraught is hard and not joyous at all. There could be arguments over who is coming for dinner, whether the other party contributed enough towards gifts, etc. The list could be endless.

In the run-up to Christmas, we see a steep decline in the number of people filing for divorce, it normally follows a large increase in the New Year instead. Just because people are not filing for divorce before Christmas it does not mean they are not thinking about it.

It is true that during the first few weeks or months after a divorce has been issued that things can become tense and awkward at home. If shielding the children from this during the festivities is an option then it deserves significant consideration.

There are certain situations where separating and/or seeking legal advice should not be delayed. For example, situations of domestic violence, where one parent is trying to leave the jurisdiction with the children or where the other party is hiding assets. This list is not exhaustive.

The timings of a separation and/or a divorce are personal for each person. Obtaining legal advice from an experienced family lawyer would be a good idea if you find yourself in one of these situations. There are tools and resources available such as mediation or a relationship counsellor to assist you.

How Nelsons can help

Cindy Dodd is a Paralegal in our specialist Family Law team.

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