Cancer Prevention Week

Cancer Prevention Week

What is Cancer Prevention Week?

Every year, World Cancer Research Fund holds Cancer Prevention Action Week, which aims to help support and empower individuals to make effective changes to their daily habits as well as their families, in order to help prevent the risk of cancer.

The campaign this year will run from 19-25 February 2024 and focuses on getting more people to exercise as it is known that this can help protect and reduce your chances of getting cancer.

In the UK roughly, 1,100 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, however, it has been discovered that 40% of all cancer cases could have been prevented.

Many cancers such as, bowel cancer, lung cancer, melanoma skin cancer, etc, collectively account for nearly two-thirds of all preventable cancer cases within the UK.

Experts have said that cancer can be prevented if people don’t smoke, avoid alcohol, avoid the sun, eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy body weight, and stay physically active. These small easy changes can enable you to have a longer healthier life.

How to get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved:

  • Check your risk – World Cancer Research Fund have a cancer health check where you answer 11 questions about how at risk you are of developing cancer. The questionnaire will look at your lifestyle choices only, meaning it will not take into account family history or additional non-modifiable factors. However, this tool is still worth doing as it can help discover the changes you can make to prevent cancer. If you are concerned regarding your family history then it is advised to book an appointment with your GP.
  • Make a donation
  • Attend fundraising events or make your own fundraiser, you can do things like bake sales, walks, and have people sponsor you, etc
  • Share your story – listening to other people’s experiences will let them know they are not alone and having a community of people who can relate to each other may help one another, like-minded people can offer support that maybe other family members are unable to offer


It is clear now from recent studies that cancer is preventable and making small changes to your daily life can have a huge impact on you and will mean living a healthier lifestyle.

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