Protecting your brand

A trade mark is a business’ brand. It’s what distinguishes that organisation and its products and services from the competition. It can be the reason customers choose a product over another, and why they invest their loyalty in some companies and not others.

A trade mark can be everything from a name, logo and font to a colour, smell or product shape. It’s often a business’ most valuable asset, which is why it’s essential to keep it safe.

Registering a trade mark gives a business the exclusive right to use it anywhere in the world and it gives that business an easier and better route to recourse if their right is infringed. It also means that businesses can exploit a trade mark’s value by licensing others to use it, or agreeing franchise arrangements.

Some get into difficult waters because they haven’t properly researched the trademark they intend to adopt. Embarking on a re-brand or a new product launch centred around a trade mark which infringes someone else’s rights is an expensive mistake to make. Similarly, not registering a trade mark leaves it open to being copied or innocently used by a competitor.

About our Trade Mark Lawyers

Our intellectual property lawyers deal with trade mark issues every day. They help businesses (consulting with Trade Mark Agents where required):

  • Identify whether or not the mark they’ve chosen can be registered
  • modify their trade mark to make it registrable
  • understand the registration process
  • prepare the registration application
  • monitor infringement by others, in the UK and overseas
  • take infringement action
  • understand and identify opportunities to exploit their registered trade mark
  • draw up licensing and franchising agreements.

With the right legal and practical support, a business can be sure that their investment in their brand pays off.

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