Safeguarding your brand

Disputes about the ownership of and right to use intellectual property (IP) have the potential to escalate quickly but with the right advice at the right time, they needn’t be an expensive distraction.

Our team of IP disputes solicitors firmly believes that prevention is better than cure, but recognises that disputes are inevitable from time to time. Every business is at risk of its intellectual property rights being infringed. It may be its:

  • Brand
  • Confidential information, or
  • Patent in a product or service

Proper protection should deter others’ intentional and innocent use of a business’ intellectual property but it’s not a guarantee. That being the case, a business should be prepared to defend its property if infringement happens.

By the same token, a business may find itself on the receiving end of allegations that it has infringed someone else’s rights. Perhaps it adopted a brand so similar to another’s that it created confusion in the mind of the consumer. Or perhaps a business unlawfully copied a competitor’s idea for a product or service.

About our IP Disputes Solicitors

Whatever the situation, our intellectual property lawyers act swiftly and decisively to carve out the best possible result for our clients. Experienced in negotiation, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, our team designs strategies for resolving the issue, preferably without recourse to the courts.

Where a client’s best option is to concede infringement then our lawyers advise on ways of limiting cost, liability and moving forward with their business safely and with as little wasted expenditure as possible.

Where a client has a good case for infringement against another party, whether based in the UK or internationally, our team forces concession of liability and the immediate rectification of the situation.

Where litigation is necessary, our lawyers put forward a client’s strongest case clearly and persuasively, always with a keen eye on cost and on the commercial realities.

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