We can help in a number of ways:

  1. Personal Injury Trusts

We can set-up a Personal Injury Trust for you, so that you can protect your entitlement to means tested state benefits and/or to protect you from being pressured by others. A Trust places the settlement under the control of other people, called Trustees, who use the funds for your benefit.

  1. Court of Protection Deputyship

We can apply to the Court of Protection, if you unfortunately lack the capacity to deal with the funds yourself. The Court of Protection will then appoint a Deputy to manage the settlement as well as the person’s general financial affairs.

  1. Professional Trusteeship/Deputyship

We can manage the settlement for you, whether under a Personal Injury Trust or a Court of Protection Deputyship. The costs of having a professional Deputy are usually paid as part of the settlement.

  1. Wealth Management

The settlement is often meant to last for a lifetime and it is very important that the funds are invested appropriately – our in-house Independent Financial Advisers can advise on the full range of investment options and guide you as to which may be most appropriate for you.