2019 – A Year To Push A Boundary Or Two?

During the last 12 months, Nelsons has achieved many things – including launching a new set of company visions and values to lead us going forwards and rebranding at the start of the year. However, we aren’t planning to sit back this year and relax. Here are some of the things coming up in 2019:

  • Our new company vision commits us to embracing a high performance culture but what does that really mean? Professor Damian Hughes is a sports psychologist who wrote The Barcelona Way, which looks at how Pep Guardiola created one of the greatest football club sides ever seen, by putting culture at the centre of what they did. He came to speak with our partners in January on what lessons a business can apply. The objective is to push ourselves as a business to create a positive, energetic and high performance culture, rather than settle for something less.
  • In February, we moved back into our refurbished building in Nottingham. A building designed for modern, agile working and to reflect our values. The inclusion of a new social space has already started to bring us together and celebrate success.
  • In 2018, we implemented a quarterly Happiness Index survey for our employees, so we can monitor how happy and engaged they are with the company. We achieved our highest scores in our latest survey and there is a collective determination to keep pushing boundaries and not settle for where we are.

Our rebrand has created a lot of positivity, excitement and energy. The identity was designed by our brand consultants, Studio Can, to reflect our new vision and who we actually are and how we live day by day – not just be a new colour or trendy font.

These steps are new ways for us to push boundaries – to refuse collectively to settle or accept the status quo, but keep challenging our employees to keep moving forwards. We do not do this for ourselves but so that we can empower – our clients, communities and one another.

Will 2019 be a quiet year for Nelsons? I sincerely hope not.